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Managing & Developing Small Business & Nonprofit Web Sites

Agora Associates designs web pages and manages web sites for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Reasonable fees! However, Dr. Smith is very selective and is not seeking clients. However, if he has an interest in a client's, nonprofit or activist objectives, he may avail himself to work with a new client.

Web site design, management, and marketing is directed by Dr. Bill Smith, an experienced web site designer.
Will help your small business or nonprofit organization determine the best web site options!

Excluded web sites and businesses
Only developes web sites and pages that are "safe for kids." No work is accepted that promotes sex, smoking, illegal activities, violence, get-rich quick schemes, or multi-level marketing.

Active Web Sites & Specialty Domain Pages authored / designed &/or managed:
      [initial dates indicated - still in use and updated]
Agora Associates [Design: Aug 1999]
Gilbert Realty Co. [Redesign: Apr 2005 - Updated Continuously]
THAT Print Shop [Design: Aug 2005]
Blow the Trumpet Ministry [Design: Jan 2005]
Free-Air Heating, Air Contitioning & Refrigeration [Design: April 2006]
Mountain Home Christian Clinic [Design: Feb 2005]

Blogs: News, Political & Other Topics
ARRA News Service [Design: June 2006]
Greater Fitchburg For Life [Design: Mar 2010]
Van Matre Duplicate Bridge [design: Mar 2011]

Inactive Posting:
America's Best Choice [Design: Mar 2008 - Inactive Posting Jan 4, 2013]
Baxter County Right to Life [Design: May 2006 / Now published 2021 on Facebook groups]
Blogs For Borders [Redesign: Aug 2009 - Inactive Posting Oct 18, 2013] - Facebook Still Active & Follow ARRA News Service
Boot Berryism [Design: July 2009 - Inactive Posting August, 2016] - Follow: ARRA News Service
Conservative Voices [Redesign: Aug 2010 --Inactive Posting Oct 2015] - Follow: ARRA News Service
Note: Not all Edited Blogs listed.

Completed / Closed Websites, Blogs, Designs, etc:
Al Page Realty [Design: June 2002 - Transferred Nov 2013]
Arkansas Republican Assembly [Redesign: June 2006 / New layout Nov 2008 - Closed Dec. 2017]
Baxter County Republicans [Owned / Design: June 1999 - Closed Feb 2017]
Baxter County Republican Assembly [Owned / Designed: June 2007 - Closed Feb. 2017
Dan & Linda Anderson, Brazil Gospel Fellowship Missionaries [Design: Jan 2004 - Closed Jan 2010]
Benton County Republican Assembly [Design: Sep 2007 - Closed Feb 2017]
Diana Turner for State Representative 82 (2004) [Design: Jan-Dec 2004]
Carters Jewel Chest [Design: Oct 2003-Sept 2009]
Computer Automation Systems [Contract Assistance Mar 2004]
Diana Turner (deceased) [Design Feb 2006 - Inactive Jan 2011]
Holy Family Book Shop [Design: Nov 2005 - Inactive Jan 2011]
Earthnet Institute [Mgmt: June 2001 & Redesigned 2005 - Inactive June 2013]
ENI Online Instruction Center [Manage: June 2001- March 2013]
Jim Neff Alderman Ward 1, Mtn Home, Arkansas [Interim WebPage: Aug, 2006-2008]
Green Shoes Lawn Care Service [Design: Oct 2003 - Inactive March 2013]
KCMH Radio [Redesign: Nov 2006 - Feb 2011]
Lighthouse Garage Door Services [Design: April 2004 - Inactive April 2011]
Mountain Home Chimney and Flame [Design: Apr 2005 - Transfered Nov. 7, 2014]
NY Steamers - deli & restaurant [Design: Nov 2003 - Inactive 2005]
Paul Schwindt, Realtor [Design: May 2005 - Inactive 2007]
Pregnancy Resource Center Mountain Home [PRCMH.ORG Design: Dec 2006 - Transferred Oct 2010]
South Central Golf Equipment Company [Design: Feb 2005 - Inactive Feb 2013]
Twin Lakes Fiberglass Boat Repair [Design: Nov 2007 - Inactive Oct 2009]
Twin Lakes Golf Course & Association [Design: June 2003 - Inactive June 2012]
Twin Lakes Playhouse [Redesign: Oct 2003 - Jan 2005]
Twin Lakes Republican Women [Redesign: July 2007 - Closed Feb. 2017]
White River House - Fisherman's Cottage [Design: Oct 2007 - Inactive Oct 2011]
Woods Pressure Washing Service [Interim WebPage: Aug 2006 - June 2007] Blogs Removed: Quality Management Information Project [Design: Feb 2004 - Inactive Posting Jan 2007 - Deleted]
Veterans for William Russell (BLOG) [Design: Dec 2007 - Inactive May 2010 - Deleted]

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Mountain Home, AR 72653-7746
Phone: (870) 425-1348

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