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Blow the Trumpet Ministry

Lori's Story
(Born Blind for God's Glory)
"Intune" Piano Service
Taps: military funerals


Lori accepts invitations to perform concerts at organizations, churches and public events. When possible, she shares her testimony of how a person can overcome difficulties and circumstances through faith in Jesus Christ.

Her trumpet sounds a call to get ready for the final trumpet that will sound Christ's return.

Lori trusts the Lord to leads and to provide through others for her ministry.

She produces Christian ministry music CDs and Tapes. She freely gives these and tracts to the needy, shut-ins, military, and food and health care service workers. She accepts gifts for her CDs, tapes, and performances to fund the Blow the Trumpet Ministry. She also tunes pianos.

Fiscal accountability: Being legally blind with limited opportunities, Lori is on SSI. The government has helped facilitate her being able her opportunity to minister with music. Therefore, she faithfully reports all sources of income and expenses to the government.

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Live rendition of Taps at veterans' funerals.

Lori's Instruments

  Military Bugle
  Standard B-flat Trumpet
  B-flat Piccolo Trumpet
  B-flat Flugel Horn
  One-valved G/D Bugle
  Ram's Horn (Shofar)
Blow The Trumpet

Joel 2:1 & 15-16 Blow a trumpet in Zion, And sound an alarm on My holy mountain! Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, For the day of the Lord is coming;... Blow a trumpet in Zion, Consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly, Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, Assemble the elders, Gather the children and the nursing infants. Let the bridegroom come out of his room And the bride out of her bridal chamber.
New American Standard Bible

Joy comes in the morning

"Intune" Piano Service

Lori is available to tune your Piano. Although not required, she also was licensed by Tom Massey who completed his MS in Music. She tunes pianos in homes, churches, clubs and universities. Her blindness has been compensated with exceptional hearing and sense of touch. These senses combined with her music talent and technical understanding of the piano have made her an excellent piano tuner.

An area university was so impressed by the quality of her work, they chose to have Lori tune all of the pianos in their music program and on the rest of the campus.

Call for a price to tune your piano:

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Through It All by Lori Harwood, CD available
Arranged by Lori Harwood
Song Writer & Music Score credits identified on CD Label. (A few of the notable names are Aundraé Crouch, Carmen D. Licciardello, Dotte Rambo, Ray Boltz ...)
Recorded & Manufactured at:
Raney Recording Studio, Drasco, AR
1. Through It All   Trumpet - Lori L. Harwood
2. People Need the Lord   Vocal - Elizabeth Palmer
3. Fear Not My Child
Trumpet - Lori L. Harwood; Pianist - Phyllis Mao
4. Holding Out Hope to You
Alto Saxophone - Ryan Farmer
5. I Belong to You
Piano, Vocal & Trumpet - Lori L. Harwood
Guitar - Michael Farmer; Alto Saxophone - Ryan Farmer
6. Shepherd of My Heart   Alto Saxophone - Ryan Farmer
7. Faithful   Lori L. Harwood
8. Consider the Lilies
Trumpet - Lori L. Harwood; Alto Saxophone - Ryan Farmer
9. When He Reached Down   Vocal - Chris Thomas
10. You Are Able
Vocal - Norine Westerbeck; Piano & Flugel Horn - Lori L. Harwood; Strings - Tim Crouch
11. Close as the mention of His Name
Flugel Horn - Lori L. Harwood
12. In Christ Alone
Trumpet - Lori L. Harwood; Track - Michael Tyo
13. He Restoreth My Soul
Piano & Vocal - Lori L. Harwood; Vocal - Norine Westerbeck; Lead Vocal - Ruth Veach; Strings & Percussion - Tim Crouch
14. I Will Praise the Lord   Lori L. Harwood
15. Midnight Cry   Lori L. Harwood
16. The Lord's Prayer   Lori L. Harwood

Support Lori's Blow the Trumpet Ministry
& Get a copy of Through It All
Send at least $10 (check/money order to address above)

The Trumpet Call (Born Blind for God's Glory)

I was born blind. My birth mother had cerebral palsy and my birth father was unable to care for me properly. After 16 months, they placed me for adoption at a clinic. Needing total care, I was placed with foster parents until a permanent family could be found.

One Sunday, a family at the couple's church became interested in me. During Sunday School, the husband while visitng the classes, picked me up at the nursery. His wife was teaching kindergarten. When he came to her classroom, he had me in his arms and said to his wife, "Do you want a baby?" She said, "Sure" assuming that the baby just needed some attention. He quickly added, "This is the blind baby."

After Sunday School, I was returned to the nursery. However, the woman's thoughts during church were totally occupied by the baby in the nursery. After church, she hurried to the nursery. When she held me, she immediately heard the voice of God speak to her spirit, "Take this child. I have a plan for her."

On the first night in my new home, a sorrow came over my new Mom. She knew they were right adopting me, but she questioned why I was born blind. They already had three boys and a girl that were healthy and 'normal." She prayed most of the night seeking God's face. Towards morning, the Lord directed her to Chapter 9 of John's Gospel. She read about a boy who was born blind. Jesus was asked, "Who sinned, the boy or his parents?" Jesus answered that neither had sinned. The boy was born blind that the glory of God could be made manifested through him. Jesus healed the boy and gave him sight.

God revealed to my mother that His plan was to manifest His Glory through me. Today, I am still legally blind. But, I know that at some time either on earth or in heaven I will no longer be blind.

At six, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. Several childhood events inspired me to take up the trumpet. My sister played the saxophone and a brother played the cornet (similar to a trumpet). He left his cornet out one time. As a curious blind child, I explored the surface of everything with my hands. I found the cornet, put it to my lips, gently blew and was surprise at the sound.

Another event was while listening to my mother's Christian recordings. When I heard the sharpness of a horn during the hymn, "When the Role is Called Up Yonder," I asked what made the sound. When told that it was a trumpet, joy filled my heart. As I attended church, I would hear about the second coming of Christ and the trumpet call that would sound. Thereafter, when hearing a trumpet, I longed for the day when I could play it.

In 6th grade, my music teacher asked me to pick an instrument. When the trumpet was placed in my hand, it wasn't foreign to me. I felt confident and within two days, I played the "C" scale without trouble. I knew I was fitted for the trumpet.

In 8th grade, I joined the orchestra and in highscholl played "1st" trumpet. Unfortunately, I got caught-up playing worldly tunes and music. I reasoned they could not harm me if I didn't play them too often.

I was not aware that I could not expect God's special blessing if I played the world's music. I did not understand that only those with pure hearts will hear the Lord's trumpet call. I straddled the fence playing both the Lord's and the world's music. Eventually, my heart and lips left serving God. I began talking like the world. My parents were deeply concerned.

My trumpet became almost nothing to me. To please my parents, I continued in the school orchestra. As I approached eighteen, my physical heart began to fail. Breathing became difficult. Learning my music parts became frustrating and unbearable. There were times, I wanted to throw my trumpet across the room.

After many medical tests, it was revealed that I had a very serious heart condition (Mitral Valve Prolapse). My heart valves weren't working properly and some of my blood flowed backwards rather that being taken to the rest of my body.

The conditioned worsened and I was absent from school for three months. The illness affected my memory. I couldn't do the simplest task without becoming tired and confused. By my high school graduation, I was sick, exhausted and no longer playing the trumpet.

Two years later, in 1985, I attended a revival and my heart condition was immediately healed. I shared with everyone how good I felt after being sick for so long. Although still blind, I felt like a new person. I could reason and learn quickly. Intrigued by the medical field, I attended college and completed an associate degree in Medical Clerical-Typist. Although this career was not to be my future.

The trumpet remained of little interest to me. Occasionally, I would play it. I tried to sell it three times but to no avail. God knew the future and preserved my trumpet for when He would called me to minister with the trumpet.

In 1988, my parents and I visited a new church. The bulletin announced, "Orchestra practice at 6:10. Bring your instrument and join us." With my parents encouragement, I went to practice. After almost four years of not playing, there I was with my trumpet. With time, new strength and abilities came. I played with the church praise band for the next few years.

In 1989, I met a young man who seemed concerned for the best for me. I fell in love. My blindness did not appear to stand between us. We were engaged during a special Christmas Eve communion service and married on Jan 23, 1990. Everything seemed perfect.

However, three days after the wedding, my whole life was devastated. My husband showed a different character. I suffered physical and mental abuse. After ten days of marriage, he left. Great anguish and sorrow overshadowed me. During this time of anguish, God spoke to me many times through His word. After eight months of marriage, my husband divorced me. In spite of the divorce, my desire was toward reconciliation of our marriage. I continued to pray for him and our marriage until I found peace. Now, my marriage rests in the Lord's hands.

I returned to live with my parents and continued with the church praise band. We ministered in worship, to the homeless, and to those in prison. However, even as I played the trumpet, I experienced depression.

After a period of time, we moved and there was not as much opportunity to minister with my trumpet. Although I continued practicing, I began to repeatedly question why I should put time and effort into practicing. I wondered if I was wasting my time and if God really wanted me to play the trumpet anymore. My thoughts and depression signaled that I was again at the brink of giving up the trumpet. However, as I questioned God, I saw my trumpet three times in my dreams.

Although I continued practicing, I still had trouble playing to the level of expertise that I desired. One evening, I heard a trumpet player named David O'Neill speak on Christian television. I listed in hopes that he might help my attitude. O'Neill opened his program playing the song, "Making His Praise Glorious." I was astounded at the sound of his trumpet. I listened intently not knowing that he would be God's messenger to me. Next, he played, "They Could Not" with such beauty that I wept. As he played, the same unusual joy that I had felt as a child at the sound of the trumpet returned with more intensity.

O'Neill shared his testimony about a tumor that was found in his mouth and about a surgical error that left him with a physical deformity that should limit his ability to play the trumpet. He said, "By man's law, I am not supposed to play a trumpet right now. If I'm not playing, who is? Give God the praise!"

When I heard these words, it was though God said to me, "Now look; stop sitting around, moaning and groaning about the situations you can't do anything about and get up and do what I want you to do with all of your heart. Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way." I responded, "all right Lord." I rose up out of my chair a completely changed person. I knew that my call was to sound the trumpet.

When I picked up my trumpet, it was totally different. My practice times became more interesting, full of joy, and full of new abilities and heights. I could not have come this far except by faith leaning on the Lord. I continue to glorify and magnify the name of Jesus.

The Lord called me to minister and establish Blow the Trumpet Ministry. I moved to the Ozark mountain of Arkansas where God provided unique ministry opportunities and allowed me to attend a Bible training program and to be ordained as a minister of the Gospel. I continue to trust God for complete healing of my physical blindness. But, I don't let my physical limitation overcome my spiritual sight. I am the Lord's handmaiden sounding His trumpet call from the mountain tops.
God Bless! Lori L.Harwood

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