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Baxter County Right to Life meeting
on Jan. 28 at 6:30 PM.
at St. Thomas Orthodox Church
behind Lowe's in the Parish Hall.

(Taking A Stand...Making A Difference!)
Send All Donations for organization and Events to BCRTL
c/o Treasurer Gail Hahn,121 Oak St, Mountain Home, AR 72653
Supporting the Right to Life in the Ozark Mountains for all people from those in the womb to those who are infimred and elderly
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2018 Officers
Naomi Lassen, President
Gail Hahn, Secretary /
  Treasurer 425-3823
Joyce Rhoads, Educ. Chair
Jim Berres,
  Fair Booth Chair, 492-6902
Kathleen Priborsky,
  Life Chain, 421-4328
Fran Egan,
  Membership, 435-4969
Susan Berres, Mothers /
  Fathers Day Ad Chair
Dr. Bill Smith, Webmaster
News Letters

Key Dates
Jan 20, 2019: March for Life Sunday

Sept 2019: Baxter County Fair: Visit us & tell us you are pro-life and find out how you can stand for life.

Oct 1, 2019: Join us in the BCRTL Life Chain
Election Day: Nov. 6, 2019 - Vote Pro-Life!

Nov ??, 2019: General meeting!

Dec 2019: Help us to bless others during the holiday season by sending a year end donations.

As Determined

"The common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights - for example the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture - is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination."
-- Pope John Paul II,
Christifideles Laic, 38

Pregnancy Resource Center Mountain Home
312 E. 3rd, Mtn Home, AR
Trained Professionals
and Volunteers

FREE Services!
compassionate, confidential
For appointment call
870-424-HOPE (4673)
Text: 870-656-9958
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BCRTL: Chapter of the ARTL, an IRS. 501(c)(4) tax-exempt organization - performs legislative lobbying on behalf of specific issues and engages in social welfare activities. Contributions/Gifts to 501(c)(4) organizations generally are NOT deductible as charitable donations on tax returns.
The Baxter County Right to Life (BCRTL) is the official Baxter County Chapter of Arkansas Right to Life (ARTL).

BCRTL is dedicated to protecting human life. Our primary purpose is to educate through the presentation of detailed and factual information about fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and related issues, upon which individuals and the general public may make informed decisions.

Our activities consist of education, legislative awareness (via newsletters, this website, etc.), referrals to crisis pregnancy centers, and prayer.

Baxter County Right to Life Parade FloatBCRTL has participated in the local Red, White and Blue parade with a tractor and wagon filled with people promoting life. Held fund raisers to promote life issues, publish LIFElines, sponsor County Fair exhibit, purchase Life Chain signs, promote the pro-life message, etc.

BCRTL has annual booth at the Baxter County Fair Grounds. And, we hold our annual Life Chain as a silent expression of opposition to the practice of abortion in America. We read scripture promoting life and then pray both for the unborn, their mothers, for all those standing in the life chin as a silent witness, and for America and the day that our government stops funding for abortions and supporting agencies liked Planned Parenthood which promotes and performs abortions.

Take my hand not my life. Please vote Pro-Life!
Register to Vote
We work with ARTL leadership, local churches, and other pro-life groups to find positive solutions to the problems of teen sexuality, "problem" pregnancies, poverty, birth defects, euthanasia, and related issues. We seek solutions that are consistent with our affirmation that ALL human life is precious.

We support a Human Life Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to make possible legal protection of all human beings and educated citizens to take constructive citizen action to protect the most basic human right - LIFE itself.

"More Than A Baby Dies" by Gene McCoy:
The primary and obvious focus of the display we are dedicating here today is upon the millions of babies who have been brutally and savagely murdered upon the altar of “Convenience” and “Women’s Rights.” But there are other victims besides the babies. We should also here commemorate every survivor of abortion, a part of whom also dies when a baby is aborted. I refer, of course, to post-abortive women. But that group comprises fewer than half of the post-abortive casualties. My focus is upon the post-abortive men who are commonly overlooked, if even considered, in discussions about abortion. They have been accurately described as the “forgotten fathers.” Consider further, however, the fact that more than a person dies when an abortion occurs. There are valuable ideals and principles that also die. . . .[Full Text]
2009 Speech at the 4,000 Crosses for Life exhibit sponsored by Baxter County Right to Life.

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Supporters of Baxter County Right To Life are individuals, churches or other organizations who give a minimum of $10 or for married couples a minimum of $15. If you wish to give more, it would be appreciated. Send your Gift Supporting Life to BCRTL, c/o Gail Hahn, 121 Oak St., Mtn Home, AR 72653. [We Need and Appreciate Your Support!]

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